Foods That Help Build Virility

A WHOLESOME, strengthening diet is one of the first requirements of virility building. You cannot build without satisfactory building material. And you cannot expect to build vitality and manly vigor on a diet of white bread, coffee and denatured food. You will need foods that are well supplied with the elements that give strength and stamina. Particularly when there has been a heavy drain upon the system through seminal losses, is it necessary to have the very best food to make up for it. The seminal secretion is a rich and highly phosphorized fluid, and it is of the utmost importance in this condition that the diet should offer an abundance of the organic mineral salts that have been steadily drained away.

I may say that all foods which are best for the building of health, pure blood and vitality are also best for virility building, except that in the latter case the diet is of even more importance than in the former. One should avoid fancy, complicated dishes, and adhere as nearly as possible to a selection of plain, wholesome foods, eaten as nearly as possible in their natural condition.

If you would really eat natural foods, they would practically solve the whole problem. Civilized people commonly destroy the best part of their food by the process of refining, or by improper cooking. It is refined flour, refined sugar, polished rice and similarly denatured foods, until one has left nothing but the pure starch or other carbohydrate, and the nerves and bones and blood are starved—literally, actually starved of the elements which they need most. On this account I advocate using as much uncooked, fresh, natural food as possible. Use fruit fresh and uncooked, salads of lettuce, celery, tomatoes, onions, water-cress, cabbage, and other green vegetables, together with nuts, eggs and milk, or any other food that you find palatable in a raw state. Be sure that you enjoy and so digest everything you eat.

Fruits and green vegetables contain a good proportion of phosphorus, iron, lime and other necessary minerals in their organic form. Many of these elements are very poisonous in their mineral or inorganic form, but in the organic form are indispensable to our health. Get enough of them. You will find them in vegetables like spinach, string beans, squash, cauliflower and others that grow above the ground. You will also find them in vegetables that grow in the ground, though the latter have a larger percent-age of starch and so are suited for winter consumption. The trouble is that in the cooking of vegetables nearly every one boils them and throws away the water in which the minerals are largely dissolved, thus losing the most valuable elements they contain, and most of the flavor. It is stupid. The liquid in which foods are cooked should be eaten with them. Better bake all vegetables that can be baked.

White bread is not only constipating, but it lacks these organic minerals. Eat bread made from the natural flour of the wheat, the whole wheat berry ground up. There are now many concerns making whole-wheat flour. And if you must eat sugar, use the dark brown, which has not been refined to death.. For syrup, use the old-fashioned New Orleans molasses. Always read labels carefully, for the name of objectionable ingredients is usually printed in very fine letters. Better avoid sugar and syrup entirely, and when you must have sweets, use honey, dates, figs, raisins and natural sweets of that type.

I need hardly say that one should avoid tea, coffee and stimulating foods of every kind, as well as alcoholic beverages. In short, the diet should be of a non-stimulating character generally. Pepper, hot sauces and condiments of all kinds should be eliminated from the diet. I would not attempt to outline menus or name foods for everybody, since individual needs must be considered. The appetite in all cases must be considered.

Over-eating is a great mistake, and you call avoid it by using chiefly uncooked foods. Eating without appetite is a still greater crime against the stomach. If necessary, eat fruit only for breakfast, with two meals per day of solid food. Many debilitated persons lack appetite. The remedy is more outdoor air and more sleep. Sleep, the open air and appropriate exercise will give any one an appetite.

Apart from these general considerations, how-ever, those who are sexually over-stimulated will require a diet different in certain respects from those who need building up in this particular way.

In other words, the impotent and sexually debilitated man, especially if over forty years of age, will require a rather full diet, with a fairly liberal allowance of meat, eggs and other proteid foods. But the sexually over-stimulated young man, who suffers from seminal losses, masturbation, or prematurity, should be very sparing with meat, and use eggs in great moderation.

There is no doubt about the stimulating character of meat, and especially the red meats. The impotent man, therefore, or the man who is greatly debilitated sexually, may advantageously use steaks, roast beef, chops and meats of that character, though, of course, he should not “stuff.” Poultry, fish and sea food will be found less stimulating, but valuable. He may use eggs to the full extent of his appetite for them. He may use milk, if he enjoys it and it agrees with him.

An exclusive milk diet would even be an excellent treatment in many cases of this kind if continued for three or four months and combined with rest and outdoor air. The milk diet would not only supply the proteids in such a quantity as to stimulate seminal secretion, but milk is so well supplied with lime, phosphorus and the mineral salts in an available form as to promote the rapid building up of the body and the toning up of all functions.

Those who do not like fresh milk will usually profit by drinking buttermilk or fermented milk, and will digest it better. In recommending milk and eggs I do not mean to imply that they are stimulating in the usual sense, but that they supply in a liberal quantity the food elements that help to build sexual strength.

On the other hand, one who has to contend with night losses or masturbation would do well to follow a vegetarian diet and to avoid eggs entirely or use them in moderation. He should not even use much fish or poultry, although these are less objectionable for his purpose and he may indulge in them to a limited extent. I do not mean that one should deprive oneself of all proteid foods. I would especially recommend buttermilk, or fermented milk, to supply these elements in such a case though in some cases one may prefer the fresh milk. Nuts. are valuable for their proteid supply, and are non-stimulating. They are so rich that you need only a few.

The diet has much to do with constipation, and since this condition is partly the cause of many sexual disorders, and at least greatly aggravates many others, it should have special attention. White bread is the one greatest cause of constipation. Use whole-wheat bread, graham bread or bran bread. Bran muffins are excellent. Use bran stirred in with your cereal breakfast food, if you use it. If constipated, avoid cheese, macaroni, rice, tapioca and other excessively starchy food. Oatmeal and whole-grain cereals are advantageous. One bowl each day of uncooked rolled oats or of crushed or flaked wheat eaten with dates, figs or raisins, but preferably figs, and a little cream, would help greatly, being alone sufficient to cure most cases of constipation. Fruits and vegetables should be used freely. Eat apples, oranges, grape-fruit, peaches, plums, melons and other fresh fruits as plentifully as you wish. One’s water-drinking habits are closely associated with the action of the bowels. If you drink enough you are not likely to be troubled with constipation. If you get enough exercise you will naturally drink freely, but if not, you should cultivate the water-drinking habit. Don’t use water too cold. Hot water is best of all. In fact, the best measure for overcoming constipation that I can suggest is the combination of free hot-water-drinking and exercise in the morning which I have described in my book, “Vitality Supreme.” Use an enema in an emergency, but don’t use drugs. Cathartics only make the condition more obstinate, in spite of the temporary relief they give. If your diet is right, and you take enough exercise and drink enough water, it should not be necessary even to resort to the use of enemas.

If you have any special trouble with your digestion, it may be necessary for you to make a more detailed and extended study of food and diet. In the average case, however, I believe that the suggestions which I have given here will be sufficient. Always chew your food thoroughly. It doesn’t matter how fast you “chew,” so long as you keep it up until the food melts in your mouth. Don’t wash it down with drinks, though drink during your meal all that you may desire to satisfy thirst. Give the saliva a chance.

Remember that a non-stimulating diet that provides pure blood and builds vitality makes for a high degree of sexual strength. A highly stimulating diet may produce or provoke a “feverish” state of sexuality, but a quiet, healthy life, and plain foods, will give one far more real virility, with instincts normal and under control.






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