Category: Marriage

  • Regulating Marital Intimacies

    THIS is no doubt one of the most serious problems associated with marriage. It is true that when a man and woman are in possession of unusually good health, it does not, in many cases, assume the character of a problem. To a certain extent, under such conditions, it regulates itself. After the newness of […]

  • Marital Mistakes And Excesses

    MARRIAGE can bring happiness comparable to a heaven on earth, or it can bring misery which might be compared to infernal tortures. In the intimate relations of married life, man has taken it upon himself to assume the prerogative of dictating to womanhood. This fact is the cause of most of the evils and excesses […]

  • Inclination to Make Love

    THE inclination to “make love” is one of the inborn characteristics of humankind. You see this phase of human nature in all its various forms, extending all the way from a glance of the eye to the most extreme form of affectionate intimacy. The habit of “falling in love” should begin early in life. When […]

  • Establishing The Intimate Relations Of Marriage

    MARRIAGE is one of the most important steps a man can take. It may make or mar one’s entire life. It can build you up or tear you down. It can ennoble every phase of your character, or it can make you a miserable, cringing failure. In view of the far-reaching importance of this influence […]

  • Selecting A Wife

    MANY men select their wives by accident. Would it not usually be more appropriate to say that their wives select them? The average man likes to deceive himself when he “goes a-courting” with the idea that he is the pursuing party. He is often pleased with the thought that great difficulties obstruct his efforts in […]

  • Problems Of Young Men

    IN this chapter I am taking up a variety of subjects which have not been covered in the chapters devoted to the more important matters. Balanitis.—This is an inflammation of the inner side of the foreskin or prepuce, including the glans, with a purulent discharge. It is the result of uncleanliness and may be cured […]

  • The Age To Marry

    I BELIEVE definitely and emphatically in early marriages. As soon as a youth has attained man’s estate, it is time for him to marry. The early selection of a mate will save him from many difficulties, enabling him to avoid many temptations that might be too strong to be overcome. Furthermore, early marriage establishes a […]

  • Prevention Of Venereal Diseases

    MORE important than the cure of disease is its prevention. This applies with special force to venereal diseases. Can they be prevented? Can they be stamped out? What can be done by the individual to avoid them? What can be done by society at large to eliminate them from human life? Cholera and the bubonic […]

  • Diseases Of Men – Their Home Treatment

    PLEASE note that we do not maintain that these instructions will take the place of a competent doctor. They can be used when one is not able to secure expert advice, or they can assist one in selecting an intelligent physician who thoroughly understands the pathology and physiology of natural treatment. The venereal diseases are […]

  • Foods That Help Build Virility

    A WHOLESOME, strengthening diet is one of the first requirements of virility building. You cannot build without satisfactory building material. And you cannot expect to build vitality and manly vigor on a diet of white bread, coffee and denatured food. You will need foods that are well supplied with the elements that give strength and […]