Custom Of Plucking Geese Alive

A friend told me lately, that in a cold winter a year or two ago, as he was riding over the moors near Bridgewater, in Somersetshire, he saw a great number of geese dead upon the moors ; and upon enquiring into the cause of it, he was informed that it was the custom of the people there, every year, to pick the down off the geese while they were alive, in order to sell it, and then to send the naked geese upon the moors again, where, if the weather grew cold before their feathers grew again, they languished and died. It was some time before I could believe such barbarity was practised in a country which calls itself Christian, and where the principles of humanity are care-fully taught. But as I am well assured it is a fact, I beg the favour of you to publish this account in your next magazine, that some humane and generous persons, who live about these places, may do all they can to put a stop to it.