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  • Sleepless – Opiates And Narcotics

    Drugs not a Cure. Insomnia cannot be cured by drugs. It can be cured only through the detection and eradication of its causes, by the utilisation of measures to develop strength, tone and vitality, and by the adoption and maintenance of a sane point of view which means in a great many instances strengthening the […]

  • Sleepless – Principal Curative Agencies

    Baths.–Of the known physical measures in the treatment of insomnia the external application of water is among the most efficacious. A prolonged warm bath (98 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit, lasting from ten to twenty-five minutes) with the addition of some volatile substance that irritates the skin and causes a gentle, pleasant stimulation of the blood […]

  • Some Characteristics Of Sleep

    Or all the remarkable and wonderfully adjusted elements and agencies that go to the making up of the human machine, and that contribute to its maintenance in proper working order, none is so essential as sleep. Thanks to its magic restorative virtue, the life force that we expend during the day is renewed in us […]