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  • Treatment Of Sleeplessness

    Summary: The article discusses various techniques and methods to combat insomnia. It begins by noting that the root cause of insomnia is often a troubled mind, and therefore, the most effective remedy is to restore tranquility and bring the mind under control. The article recommends training the mind to concentrate on a single task, such as […]

  • Surroundings Conducive To Sleep

    WHETHER or not the physical combine with the mental in causing insomnia, there are always certain conditions of stage setting, as it were, which if observed will facilitate, if not produce sleep. The general principles applicable to the treatment of sleeplessness must consider the individual and his environment. Some environments are contributory to slumber, peaceful […]

  • The Requisite Quantity Of Sleep

    No BELIEF is more deeply rooted than that the average individual requires seven, eight or more hours of sleep. Like most firmly established popular conceptions, it is entirely unjustified. History abounds with examples of men whose existence was contemporaneous with some epochal transformation and who contributed immeasurably to the pleasures of life, who were able […]

  • Dreams And Sleep

    AMONG the most common disturbances of sleep are dreams. This subconscious state is typical of the lighter stages of sleep, and in the vast majority of instances occurs just before waking and after sleep is complete or practically so. Because of this, the disturbance occasioned, is not serious and generally plays only a small role […]

  • Insomnia Due To Mental Causes

    THE normal human being is born with the desire and the intention to spend a considerable portion of his time in sleep. Whether he works or plays he will still expect to add a period of oblivion to all things that make a direct appeal to his senses. He may exercise up to a certain […]

  • Insomnia Due To Physical Causes

    BEFORE attempting to instruct the sleepless as to the method and manner of overcoming insomnia the form and character of the evil from which they suffer must be ascertained. Insomnia not a Disease.—Insomnia is a symptom, not a disease. It is a derivative, a by-product, the effect of definite causes, which must first be removed […]

  • Theories And Phenomena Of Sleep

    THE problem that confronts the victim of insomnia is to determine why he does not sleep soundly, adequately or refreshingly. To do this he should know the significance of sleep and something of its theories. There has been a vast amount of study and experimentation by physicians and psychologists to discover the so-called cause of […]

  • Degrees And Varieties Of Insomnia

    THE capacity to sleep can be acquired by effort in the same way as the capacity to think concretely or to run without getting out of breath. We know that many men whom we now class among the immortals possessed this capacity to sleep to a most unusual degree-Shelley, Napoleon, Brougham. It is related of […]

  • Reading As A Soporific

    THE principal object of those suffering from insomnia being to purge the mind of the thoughts that are parading up and down through it, frequently with martial accompaniment, and to saturate it with gentle, peaceful, serene, impersonal thought that will depict the idyls of life without strife and passion, books are what most of them […]

  • Hypnotism And Suggestion

    Hypnotism. Despite the interpretation of the phenomena of hypnotism in accordance with the principles upon which the science of psychology is founded there is still a widely held belief that hypnotism is induced by the action of a mysterious force or fluid which emanates from the operator. This would make of the hypnotiser a superman […]

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